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Our beloved Bernie has passed away - Fighter for Cuba and for freedom for the Five

Today we received the sad news from Ireland that Bernie Dwyer has left us after a time of serious illness. She leaves behind her a big empty space, but will forever be in our hearts. We send our deepest sympathy to her family and close friends.

Bernie was a journalist, a film producer and an untiring defender of Cuba, and for justice for the Cuban Five, political prisoners in the USA because they exposed the terrorism against Cuba.


Bernie was active in the solidarity work for Cuba in her own country Ireland for many years. From the late nineteen-nineties she lived in Cuba where she worked as a journalist with Radio Havana and as a prize-winning film producer. In her first documentary films she showed the connections between the two Islands, Cuba and Ireland, for instance in the film about Che Guevara and his Irish background, Che: The Irish Legacy. Che Guevara's grandmother's family emigrated from Ireland to the Argentine during the famine years in Ireland in the middle of the nineteenth century.


Bernie got involved early in the case of the Cuban Five, and has ever since they were imprisoned 1998 struggled to make the facts about their true deeds known to as many as possible. The work of the Cuban Five was to stop the terrorism against Cuba. This they did by infiltrating extremist right-wing Cuban exile groups in Miami and reporting back to Cuba about their activity. Bernie says in an interview 2012:

“The US Government was doing very little about these acts of terrorism being planned, and in some cases the individuals were being financed and trained by the CIA. The group of five went to infiltrate these groups, reporting on their activities.”

In other words the Cuban Five had a mission against terror, and that became also the name of the film Mission Against Terror, which Bernie and her partner Roberto Ruíz Rebo produced 2004

Mission Against Terror: The Case of the Cuban 5 was awarded prizes and given honourable mention several times. Bernie travelled on tours in North America and Europe to present the film and to speak demanding freedom for the Cuban Five. Many of the family members of the Five are interviewed in the film and Bernie developed close friendship links with them. The human aspects are a very important part of the film. The renowned former CIA-agent Philip Agee, who passed away 2008, also participates in this film and gives witness about the terrorism of the USA against Cuba.

2008 Bernie was awarded Cuba's Friendship medal for her many years of solidarity with Cuba and fight for justice for the Cuban Five.

Bernie's next film came 2010. It exposed how the ”diplomacy” of the USA acted in Cuba. The Day Diplomacy Died is about how the USA, through its diplomats at its US Interests Office in Havana paid and gave instructions to a number of persons in Cuba who posed as independent journalists. In several interviews Bernie exposed all this shameful activity, the purpose of which was to undermine the social system Cuba had developed since the revolution 1959. She showed also the exceptional work, which the Cuban state security agents performed when they infiltrated and exposed the so-called dissidents and averted sabotage and violent actions.  

Bernie Dwyer has many friends here in Sweden and also in many other countries.

Bernie, from our hearts we honour you and the solidarity work you have done. We shall continue in your footsteps and continue the struggle you fought as long as you lived.

Sweden, Wednesday the 10th of July 2013

Swedish-Cuban Association  The Swedish Committee for Freedom for the Five

Ha fallecido nuestra querida Bernie - ¡una luchadora en defensa de Cuba y por la libertad de los Cinco! 2013 Preminula je naša draga Berni - borac za prava i slobodu Kube i Petorice Kubanaca! 2013 Our beloved Bernie has passed away - Fighter for Cuba and for freedom for the Five 2013
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