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Hola, helo, hi,

in case some of you have not received this invitation and information about the upconming European Solidarity Meeting with Cuba in Stockholm/Sweden, here below you find it in three languages.

The conference will become very interesting - for instance, because there will be two important guests from the U.S. solidarity organisations with Cuba.... etc.



(Network Cuba, Germany)






E-mail 3b  



Cuba shows that another world is possible!

Cuba demuestra que otro mundo es posible!

XVII European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba in Stockholm, Sweden,

Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 18th, 19th and the 20th of November 2016.


XVII Encuentro Europeo de Solidaridad con Cuba en Estocolmo, Suecia,

Viernes, sábado y domingo 18, 19 y 20 de noviembre de de 2016.

Saludos solidarios

The Swedish-Cuban Association

Asociación Sueco-Cubana

Postal address: Tegelviksgatan 40, SE-116 41 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Office visiting address: Solidaritetshuset, Tegelviksgatan 40, Stockholm

Telephone: +46-(0)8-31 95 30

E-mail: info@svensk-kubanska.se

Website: http://www.svensk-kubanska.se

Español  -   información más abajo






ENGLISH   -   E–MAIL 3   -   4 JULY 2016



XVII European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba in Stockholm, Sweden,

Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 18th, 19th and the 20th of November 2016.

Saturday Evening Cultural Event, Swedish-Cuban Association 50 years.



Dear Compañeras and Compañeros


This e-mail letter contains more information about the meeting.

We look forward to the participation of comrades from ICAP and representatives of organisations for friendship and solidarity with Cuba from all Europe, as well as special guests.








XVII European Solidarity Meeting for Cuba 18-20 November 2016, Stockholm



First name:




E-mail address:

I understand and speak: Spanish:          English:          Russian:          German:           French:         

I shall stay two nights 18-20 November in the conference’s Hotel Scandic Alvik.


LODGING: Double room: . . . . . . . .or . . . . . . .Single room: . . . . . . . .


• I wish to participate in the Stockholm city tour Sunday afternoon: Yes: . . . . . . . No: . . . . . . . .

  (After that the bus goes directly to Arlanda Airport. The bus arrives at the airport 16.30)


• Please complete the registration form.

• Please e-mail it to us before Tuesday the 26th of July:


Swedish-Cuban Association <info@svensk-kubanska.se>,

Martin Österlin <ml.osterlin@bredband.net>


We shall send you a confirmation e-mail letter.






The meeting fee is 2500 SEK (Swedish Crowns) per person.

This is almost the same as recent European meetings; 250 Euros.

The fee includes 2 nights accommodation in a double room, all meals, meeting materials, transport from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport Friday 18th of November. Sightseeing tour Sunday 20th.

A room for one person costs 760 SEK extra for two nights (about 80 Euros)


• Alternative 1:  You pay your full fee before the 26th of August.

• Alternative 2:  You pay 1000 SEK before 26th of August. You pay the remainder before 26th of October.


When you have sent payment, please e-mail us details of your payment (date, amount, your name). When we have your payment on our account, we send you a confirmation e-mail.


• Please pay your fee in Swedish Crowns to:


Svensk-Kubanska Föreningen, Tegelviksgatan 40, SE-116 41 Stockholm, Sweden

Account number IBAN format: SE76 9500 0099 6042 0405 4110


Our bank's name and postal address: Nordea, SE-10571 Stockholm, Sweden


Please write: ”ENCUENTRO EUROPEO” and also your NAME and COUNTRY


• Our total costs are higher than the fees of the conference. Solidarity contributions are welcome.

• If your country’s organisations have economic difficulties to attend, please inform us.

• If you cannot pay to our IBAN account number, and you need another payment method, contact us.


At present we do not have a limit on the number of participants from each country

If you send more than one representative you can participate in more than one group.

We have booked hotel rooms for 120 people. The hotel has 324 rooms.

The meeting rooms also have much space.




As announced the main themes are:

• The US blockade against Cuba. How Europe is implicated. USA must get out of Guantánamo!

• Cuba – another world is possible!  Informing people about Cuba's society.

• Latin America. Our solidarity with the peoples of Latin America against US meddling.

• Our solidarity cooperation in Europe, especially digital techniques and the social media.

Ample time is planned for parallel group discussions about these themes.


Time is also planned for other parallel group discussions.

Requests have come:

• mediCuba-Europa

• Cuba's environmental work – CubaSolar

• The Campaigns to free Ana Belén and Oscar López

• Brief meeting of the Nordic countries

More proposals may come. (NOW WE NEED TO ADD PASTORS FOR PEACE, USA)


We are organizing interpreters for the meetings in plenum and the group meetings.

Main languages are Spanish and English. Other languages of the meeting are Russian, German and French.




We shall have many exhibition screens so that those organizations who wish to can hang up photos, texts, posters, magazines etc about their friendship and solidarity work. The screens are 90 cm wide and 190 cm high. There will also be book tables. We welcome organizations of as many countries as possible to present information on the effects of the US blockade they have experienced in their own countries, and also information about their campaign efforts against the blockade.


In Stockholm we shall distribute USB memory sticks with Cuba photos, articles etc. Do you have digital materials you wish to share? Please contact us!




We stay at:

Hotel Scandic Alvik

Gustavslundsvägen 153,  SE-167 51 Bromma,  SWEDEN

(Bromma is a municipality in Stockholm)


Hotel Scandic Alvik is 5 km from the center of Stockholm

Free Wi-Fi


• In the hotel starting 5 p.m. (17.00 hours) Friday the 18th of November, you can register and receive your conference papers.

• Friday the 18th at 7 p.m. (19.00 hours) we have a welcome dinner at the hotel Scandic Alvik.

• The meeting will be in the Alvik Cultural Centre 250 meters from the hotel.

• The meeting finishes at 1 p.m. (13.00 hours) on Sunday. After this is lunch.

• It takes approximately 1 ½ hours by metro and bus to travel to the Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

• The Alvik Cultural Centre is next to the Metro.

• The metro ride to the centre (Stockholm Central Railway Station and long distance bus terminal) takes 12 minutes, plus waiting and walking time. Trains go frequently.

• A sightseeing tour in Stockholm is planned for Sunday afternoon. Afterwards the tour buses go directly to the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The buses arrive at the airport 16.30.


Please contact us if you have questions or proposals.



In solidarity

For the board of the Swedish-Cuban Association

Martin Österlin, Association President

E-mail: Martin Österlin <ml.osterlin@bredband.net>


Svensk-Kubanska Föreningen - Swedish-Cuban Association

Postal address: Tegelviksgatan 40, SE-116 41 Stockholm, Sweden

E-mail: Swedish-Cuban Association <info@svensk-kubanska.se>

Web: www.svensk-kubanska.se








We evaluate the present scope of the US blockade and its effects in Europe. We evaluate the changes made during the Obama era. We analyze what can be expected of the next US president that will be elected Tuesday the 8th of November. We take into account developments of European and Cuban cooperation and the EU Common Position on Cuba. We make proposals for the continued campaigning against the blockade. We make campaign plans demanding that the USA returns Guantánamo to Cuba.




Cuba is a beacon of humanism in our world plagued by conflicts. Cuba’s participatory democracy, social gains and culture. Cuba’s international solidarity. Cuba’s continuous development in spite of the blockade. Our efforts to develop our societies’ contacts with Cuba. Our work to spread knowledge based on facts about Cuba, to counteract the propaganda and demonization spread by western mainstream media.




The US efforts to reta

European Solidarity Meeting with Cuba  in Stockholm/Sweden XVII Evropski samit solidarnosti sa Kubom 2016 European Solidarity Meeting with Cuba in Stockholm Sweden 2016 90ti rodjendan Fidela Kastra
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