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Call to the XVIII European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba

(2018 Bohinj, Slovenia)

Dear friends,

The Friendship Association Slovene-Cuban, in compliance with the agreement in the XVIII European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba in Sweden 2016, invites you to participate in the XVIII European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba which takes place in Bohinj, Slovenia, from November 23th to November 25th, 2018.

During the meeting we will pay tribute to the historical figure of the eternal Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz and his solidarity legacy, in the framework of commemorating the second anniversary of his physical departure towards immortality.

Taking into account the turbulent international situation in which we live, the reinforcement of the extraterritorial and aggressive policy of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, the maintenance of the Cuban territory illegally occupied with a US military base, turn into an international prison of torture in Guantanamo province, the support and encouragement of new subversive actions through the financing of mercenaries inside and outside the island, as well as media and disinformation campaigns, we reaffirm the need to unite our voices to continue the struggle in defense of the Cuban Revolution .

We hope, with the active participation of all the representatives of the wide and various MSC in Europe, to continue strengthening the ties of cooperation and work among the different organizations, as well as to promote projects, actions and define strategies that contribute to the strengthening of our of solidarity, rebel and revolutionary solidarity movement. Defend the Cuban revolutionary project, its sovereignty and independence means defend the just causes of other peoples who fight for their self-determination.

An important delegation from ICAP will accompany us during the event, as well as representatives of political, social, youth and trade union organizations and personalities from Slovenia and others European countries.

In order to have enough time for the organization of the meeting, we suggest you send the participation requests as soon as possible. Subsequently, they will receive our proposals of the topics that will be analyzed and discussed during the same, as well as other information about the prices and logistical issues. We are available at all times for any additional information or suggestions you wish to make.

Please, complete the attached registration form and send it by email as soon as possible.

Receive our warmest regards,

Igor Jurišič

President of the Friendship Association Slovene-Cuban


XVIII European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba: Friday, Saturday and Sunday corresponding to November 23th, November24th and November 25th, 2018 in Bohinj, Slovenia.







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Convocatoria al XVIII Encuentro Europeo de Solidaridad con Cuba (2018 Bohinj, Eslovenia) Poziv na XVIII Evropski Samit Solidarnosti sa Kubom (2018.Bohinj, Slovenija) Call to the XVIII European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba