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Dear friends!

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) have the pleasure to invite you to join the  48th Contingent of the European Brigade, which takes place at the International Camp “Julio A. Mella”(CIJAM), from July 9th , 2017  to July 28th , 2018.

Joining this Brigade constitutes an excellent opportunity to learn about historical legacy of José Martí, National Hero of Cuba, the validity of his thought in the Cuban revolutionary process headed by the undefeated Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, and also to celebrate along with the people from Santiago de Cuba el 65th Anniversary of the attacks on the headquarters Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, experimenting the advances of the process of updating of the Cuban socialist economic model of the Cuban Revolution.

This also will be an opportune moment to strength the fraternal exchange between Cubans and European friends on current issues and interests related with Cuba and its realities, as well as strengthen the solidarity work with the Cuban revolution and other just causes all over the world.

As it is already traditional, the carrying out of the voluntary work days as a contribution to the agricultural and productive development of the country, have helped to the expansion of the solidarity movement and to strengthen the friendship and the mutual knowledge between Cuba and the other peoples of the world.

It will also combine sporting and dance activities, videos and documentaries and solidarity days. All this will offer you the possibility of approaching the idiosyncrasies of our people and understanding even more the reasons that sustain and strengthen our Revolution.

The program includes visits to places of historical, cultural and social interest in Havana, as well as Artemisa, Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey and Sancti Spíritus provinces, the carrying out of lectures and talks on national and international issues, on the work and thought of Martí and meetings with organizations of the Cuban civil society.

The cost of the stay is 650 CUC per person, with headquarters in the International Camp “Julio Antonio Mella” (CIJAM), located in Guayabal, Caimito, Artemisa province, 40 km from the capital, which includes accommodation in shared rooms, meals (full board), arrival and departure transfers at the airport, transportation to the all activities included in the program, first aid medical services, and 5 nights of stay in a tourist center located in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

Optional visits are not included in the Brigade package, although we would appreciate, if you subscribe, inform it when you send the rest of the information requested.

CIJAM also offers cafeteria, bar and shop services, national and international telephony, internet and email services and safe box for personal documents and valuables.

The payment of the package must be made within the first 24 hours of arriving at CIJAM, so it is necessary to change your currency to CUC (Convertible Cuban Pesos) in the exchange office (CADECA) of CIJAM.

The exchange of currencies to CUC can be made from Euros, Canadian dollars, British pounds and Swiss Francs according to the international exchange rate of the day in: airports, hotels, convention and business centers and the exchange offices (CADECA) enabled in the country.

Persons who pay by bank transfer must bring receipt of their execution. It is recalled as a security measure that the bank transfers and corresponding payments should not be made, under any concept, in US dollars.

Those interested should contact us before June 1, 2018, sending us your name and surnames, date of birth and passport number, profession or study you do, if you are vegetarian, vegan, celiac or lactose intolerant; arrival and departure flights details to confirm your participation in the Brigade and to organize transfer services at the airport, as well as lodging in the CIJAM and at the hotel in the province.

Each brigadista must bring 2 photos size 4 x 4 cm. for the card that accredits him as a member of the "Nordic Brigade", suitable clothing and shoes (long-sleeved shirt, long jeans, gloves, work shoes and hat) to carry out the productive work.

Brigadistas who remain in Cuba, at the end of the Brigade, must personally make their visa extension in the Immigration and Foreigners offices; in case of remain for longer in the country.

Official languages will be English, French and Spanish.

It would be very pleasant to be able to count on your presence and share with you what has traditionally been an unforgettable experience, as an expression of friendship and solidarity among our peoples.

Your confirmation of participation should be sent to the following email addresses:

European division:;;

Travel Agency AMISTUR SA:   

You can contact us through the telephones of the European division of ICAP:

7 836 77 74 / 7 838 2407                                                                     

Web sites: and   

Blog: EuroICAP

International Camp “Julio Antonio Mella” (CIJAM):

Telephone: 537-  047 31 9323.

Hope see you soon!

Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples.

European Division


Program for the 48th Contingent of the European Brigade “José Martí”


Saturday July 7th: arrival of the brigadistas at the Camp.

Sunday July 8th: Departure of a bus from ICAP to the Camp with brigadistas already in the country.

Optionals AMISTUR

Monday, July 9th

07:00  Wake up call and breakfast

09:00 Wreath-laying at Julio A. Mella Monument, afterwards, planting of tree at the “Bosque Martiano”, CIJAM.

10:30  Official welcoming activity and General Information meeting.

12:00  Lunch

14:00 Lecture: José Marti´s life and oeuvre. The influence of his thought on the Cuban Revolution

Screening of the multimedia "José Martí and Fidel Castro: continuity of thought and action" from the Marti’s Program Office (Oficina del programa martiano).

18:00  First meeting of the coordinating committee (Group leaders)

19:00   Dinner

21:00  Welcoming cultural activity

Tuesday, July 10th

05:45  Wake up call and breakfast

06:45        Brief-morning meeting

07:00  Departure for work

11:30  Return to CIJAM

12:00  Lunch

14:30   Lecture: “The Cuban political system, its participative democracy”

19:00           Dinner. Cuban evening

Wednesday, July 11th

05:45  Wake up call and breakfast

06:45        Brief-morning meeting

07:00  Departure for work

11:30  Return to CIJAM

12:00  Lunch

14:30  Lecture: “The foreign policy of United States of America towards Cuba. The impact of the blockade”

17:00  Free time for sporting and recreational activities.

19:00           Dinner

20:30           Optional activities at the Camp. Cuban traditional dance lessons

Thursday, July 12th

05:45  Wake up call and breakfast

06:45        Brief-morning meeting

07:00  Departure for work

11:30  Return to CIJAM

12:00  Lunch

15:00  Lecture: “The current Cuban economy, updating process of the Cuban Economic Model"

19:00           Dinner

20:30           Presentation of the documentary: “Fidel is Fidel”.

Friday, July 13th

05:45  Wake up call and breakfast

06:45        Brief-morning meeting

07:00  Departure for work

11:30  Return to CIJAM

12:00  Lunch

14:30  Lecture: “The media and disinformation war against Cuba and other revolutionary and progressive processes".

19:00           Dinner.

                     Optionals AMISTUR

Saturday, July 14th

07:00  Wake up call and breakfast

08:00  Registration for the Friendship Race

09:00  Start from the Camp to Guayabal (5 km)

Awards ceremony.

Recreational activity and meeting with glories of the Cuban sport movement.   

12:00  Lunch

15:00  Sports events

18:00            Dinner

20:00 Cultural activity at CIJAM with a Children's Theater and Dance Company

21:00            Recreational dance activity.

Sunday, July 15th

07:00  Wake up call and breakfast

08:30        Departure to the ecological cultural community Project "Preservemos el planeta" in Baracoa

13:00  Lunch at the place

16:00  Return to CIJAM

18:00 Dinner.

20:00            Recreational activity

20:30            Second meeting of the coordinating committee.

Monday, July 16th

05:45  Wake up call and breakfast

06:45        Brief-morning meeting

07:00 Departure for work with members of the National Association of Combatants (Representatives of the Rebel Army, clandestine struggle, internationalists, Playa Girón participants, etc.).

11:30  Return to CIJAM

12:00  Lunch

15:00  Lecture: “Fidel Castro in the struggle of the peoples and the internationalism: experience of the OSPAAL".

19:00           Dinner.

20:00            Recreational activity.

Tuesday, July 17th

07:00  Wake up call and breakfast

08:30        Departure to the Artemisa municipality

09:00 Visit to the Memorial of Martyrs and Heroes of Artemisa. Welcome by representatives of the Provincial Assembly.

10:00 Tour in groups to places of interest in the Province

- Visit to a community project.

- Visit to a new-kind cooperative

12:00  Return to CIJAM

12:30            Lunch

14:00            Departure to Havana. Wreath-laying  at José Marti´s Monument in the Revolution square.

- Presence of the Ceremony battalion.

- Welcoming words of a representative of the Cultural Activity “José Martí”.

- Visit to the Memorial.

17:00   Brief panoramic city tour from the buses.

                           - Free time in the city

19:15         The Evening of the European Solidarity at the Friendship House. Dinner and cultural activity.

22:00            Return to CIJAM.

Wednesday, July 18th

05:45  Wake up call and breakfast

06:45        Brief-morning meeting

07:00  Departure for work

11:30  Return to CIJAM

12:00  Lunch

14:30  Meeting with Cuban international doctors and presentation of the      documentary “Entre la vida y el Ébola”

19:00            Dinner.

                     Free evening (Optional AMISTUR: Jazz Evening)

Thursday, July 19th

05:45  Wake up call and breakfast

06:45        Brief-morning meeting

07:00  Departure for work

11:30  Return to CIJAM

12:00  Lunch

14:00  Simultaneous meetings with the Cuban social and mass organizations.

- It will form 4 groups: CDR, FMC, CTC, and the youth and student sector: UJC, FEU y FEEM). Each brigadista will participate in a group according to his/her interests.

17:00           General Information Meeting about the visit to the province.

18:00            Dinner.

                     Free time

Friday, July 20th


05:45  Wake up call and breakfast

06:45        Brief-morning meeting

07:00  Departure for work

11:30  Return to CIJAM and Evaluation meeting about agricultural work.

12:00  Lunch

14:30            Free afternoon to prepare the European evening.

20:30            European evening

Saturday, July 21th

08:00  Brief-morning meeting

09:00  Departure to Tarará beach in the East of Havana

17:30  Return to CIJAM

20:30            Free evening

Sunday, July 22nd

FREE DAY and OPTIONALS AMISTUR (Las Terrazas or Viñales)

MONDAY, July 23rd

06:00  Wake up call

06:30        Breakfast

08:00  Departure to Santiago de Cuba province

- Lunch in Sancti Spiritus province

Evening        Arrival to Camaguey City

-     Accommodation and free evening at the hotel “Camaguey”

Tuesday, July 24th

09:00  Departure to Santiago de Cuba province

                        Arrival to Santiago de Cuba

14:00            Lunch at the hotel “San Juan”

15:30            Visit to the Santa Ifigenia cemetery.

- Tribute to José Martí and Fidel Castro.

- Welcoming activity

17:30            Accommodation at the hotel

- Dinner

20:00            Meeting with the CDR

Wednesday, July 25th

City tour:

09:30  Visit to Moncada headquarter

11:00        Reunion with the History (Meeting with combatants)

12:00  Lunch at the restaurant “El Morro”

15:00           Visit to “La Granjita” and tour through “Baconao Park” (Prehistory Valley)

17:00  Return to the hotel

19:00           Dinner

                     Free evening

Thursday, July 26th

05:00           Departure to the Revolution Square

- Central Act to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the attacks on the headquarters Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

09:00           Departure to the “II Frente”

- Participation at the “Caravan of the Solidarity” from Moncada to the Sierra.

- Official closing ceremony of the brigade

13:30           Lunch at the hotel. Free afternoon

- Dinner and farewell activity at the hotel.

Friday, July 27th

06:30  Wake up call

07:00        Breakfast

08:30            Check out

09:00  Departure to Sancti Spíritus province

- Lunch in transit in Camaguey province

- Accommodation at the hotel “Los Laureles” in Sancti Spíritus

- Dinner

- Free evening

Saturday, July 28th

05:45   Wake up call and check out

06:00   Packaged Breakfast

07:30        Departure to CIJAM

- Arrival to the Camp and dinner  

Sunday, July 29th

07:00   Breakfast

10:00   Departure of buses to Havana